The Legend of Pomponio

Ponponio, later referred to by historians as Pomponio (1799 - 1824), was the leader of a band of Native American fugitives in California (Los Insurgentes) who rebelled against Mexican rule and the mission system.  Under Pomponio's organization, Los Insurgentes raided settlements between the areas of modern day Sonoma and Soledad in the early 19th century.  

Despite growing up on a mission, Pomponio fled as an adolescent and began raids against scattered ranches and missions around 1818. Pomponio raided far from his home vicinity of the Pescadero and San Gregorio Creeks but would bring his loot back to his headquarters at Pomponio Creek, near Devils Canyon Falls.  To this day, it is presumed that this area still holds several of Pomponio's buried treasures.  

Though accounts vary regarding Pomponio's last days, many believe he was captured by a party of four soldiers near San Rafael and tried by court martial in Monterey.  Pomponio was executed on February 6, 1824.  Pomponio State Beach, Pomponio Creek just south of San Gregorio, and the Pomponio Trail in Pescadero Creek Park (San Mateo County) were all named for him.