Pomponio Farms organic bean mixes

Introducing ... Pomponio Organic Bean Mixes!

Using 100% CCOF-certified organic beans grown at Pomponio Farms, we bring you top quality dry bean mixes, to be used in soups or any other bean dish you wish to create.  

When we first considered growing dry beans, we searched far and wide for the most flavorful and unique varietals and this season, we've settled on two - Red Salvadoran Beans and English Runner Beans.  Red Salvadoran Beans are small, dark red, and beautiful little beans, all imported from El Salvador. They have a fresh, sweet flavor and a rich, creamy texture.  Alternatively, English Runner Beans are large, colorful beans, and although it's believed they originated in the higher elevations of Central America, they're now found in similar regions across Europe.  They have a light bean flavor and a melt-in-your-mouth texture, when cooked appropriately.

While these two varietals vary vastly in terms of their size and flavor, they do share a couple key features - both thrive in the conditions at Pomponio Farms and both taste like heaven!  Want to know what heaven tastes like?  Just whip up one of our organic bean mixes into your favorite recipe.

Each bag contains 1 lb. of beans.  We've found this to be the perfect serving size for a large family, whether they're used in soup or cooked as a side/main dish.  All beans were harvested at the end of 2017, meaning they're as fresh as can be!

Choose from our English Runner Beans, Red Salvadoran Beans, or a Variety Pack.


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