We get it.  Sometimes dry beans can be daunting.  It's easy to fall into the trap and think "dry beans are so hard to cook" [or "I have no idea how to cook dry beans"], "dry beans take forever", "canned beans are just so easy", etc., etc.  BUT ... we have a secret for you!  Dry beans can actually be prepped and cooked using a variety of methods [they don't all require overnight soaking aka advanced meal planning!!] and we'll share some of the best known methods below.  On top of that, and perhaps more importantly, is the fact that using dry beans in your cooking can be FAR HEALTHIER than using canned beans and let us tell you why - here it is... Canned beans can have 100 times the amount of sodium found in dry beans.  WOW!!  Plus, you get to prepare them how you want - soft, firm or something in between.  It's up to you.  Have we convinced you yet??


Now let's move on to Padron pepper.  Most of us think of padron peppers as an ingredient in fine Spanish tapas [sauteed padron peppers are out of this world!!!].  But unlike other peppers, have you ever found them dried and ground??  We sure haven't [and trust us!  We've looked extensively!].  As a result, we've decided to bring that Spanish flavor to you.  Using CCOF-certified organically grown peppers dried and ground in equivalently certified facilities, Pomponio Farms is bringing you dried padron peppers!  

What do I do with this pepper, you might ask.  You'll find some inspiration below [via our curated recipe list] but let us first share a few ideas to easily incorporate this spice into your kitchen.

  • Need a kick on your mac and cheese?  Add some padron pepper.
  • Salt and pepper just aren't doing it for your roasted potatoes?  Add some padron powder.
  • Your chili is starting to taste B-O-R-I-N-G?  Add some padron pepper.
  • Tapatio [or your hot sauce of choice] just isn't cutting it?  Add some padron pepper.
  • Most of all, you're craving that flava-flave from your last trip to Barcelona?  Add A LOT of padron pepper.

Please see our recipe pages for more ideas.  While we continue to experiment with this amazing spice, we'll continue to update this page.  If you have any unique use cases you'd like to share with us, don't hesitate to reach out.  We might just send our best recipe submitters a free bottle of spice!